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The goals of this release are:

  1. Add Theme Options Screen
  2. Fix Custom Walker Menu PHP errors
  3. Fix Automatic Thumbnail PHP errors
  4. Remove any unnecessary theme files
  5. Update styles and scripts to Bootstrap 2.10 dev branch

You can follow the development on Github via the WIP branch

Version .90 of BootstrapWP (still baking)


  • Extending Walker_Nav_Menu to modify class assigned to submenu ul element.


  • Fixed bootstrapwp_autoset_featured_img() function to return if there is no image set, clearing debug errors.
  • Removed Custom Walker class from file and replaced with external include call for file ‘includes/class-bootstrap_walker_nav_menu.php’.


  • Removed unnecessary double loop for page title.

Docs Folder

  • Removed entire ‘docs’ folder to clean up theme files.

IMG Folder

  • Removed sub-folder ‘example-sites’ to clean up theme files.
  • Removed sub-folder ‘examples’ to clean up theme files.

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