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Super Hero Boots

Image Credit: Kreg Steppe

Version .87 of BootstrapWP – Released June 4, 2012

Usage Updates/Changes

Important To safely retain the ability to update the less files with future versions of Bootstrap or BootstrapWP, add all custom edits/changes inside the less/bswp-custom.less file.

Getting Started Tips

Create a page that uses the template Hero Homepage Template, then under Settings->Reading set your site to use a static front page selecting your new page. Add content to the three “Home” widget areas under Appearances->Widgets.

Create a menu under Appearances->Menus and assign it be your site’s Main Menu.

Release Highlights

  1. Switched to using the Less files instead of CSS
  2. Improved navigation submenu dropdown implementation with custom Walker
  3. Updated styles and scripts to Bootstrap 2.04 release
  4. Switched to using bootstrap.js file instead of the separate .js files

Download Theme

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Release Changelog


  • Edited bootstrapwp_css_loader() function to use new /less/bootstrapwp.css generated from Less file compilation and removed references to previously used css files
  • Edited bootstrapwp_js_loader() function to include minified and minified bootstrap.min.js file
  • Edited bootstrapwp_js_loader() function to include /js/bootstrapwp.demo.js file containing all the extra JavaScript needed to enable the functionality of demos
  • Added new walker Bootstrap_Walker_Nav_Menu class to assign “dropdown-menu” class to navigation sub-menus


  • Removed content because it this file is not loaded via bootstrapwp_css_loader()
  • Added note to add custom updates to the less/bswp-custom.less file to safely retain the ability to update the less files with future versions of Bootstrap or BootstrapWP
  • Bumped version to .87


  • Edited wp_nav_menu() call array to add walker => new bootstrapwp_walker_nav_menu() parameter
  • Removed extraneous commented line from wp_nav_menu() function call


  • Removed all Javascript and moved to new js/bootstrapwp.demo.js file


  • Created file to be static homepage template that loads 3 widget areas (previously was index.php)


  • Edited file to be standard blog homepage – and moved previous template content to new page-home.php file

JS Folder

  • Removed the individual .js files and replaced with single compiled bootstrap.min.js file
  • Added bootstrap.js (pre-minified version of bootstrap.min.js) file for reference
  • Added bootstrapwp.demo.js file which houses code is used to power all the JavaScript demos and examples for BootstrapWP
  • Added folder for google-code-prettify js and css files to style reference and documentation template files.

CSS Folder

  • Removed folder entirely because main style file is compiled less file located at less/bootstrapwp.css

LESS Folder

  • Updated LESS files from Twitter Bootstrap 2.04 branch
  • Added bswp-docs.less file to pull in styles to allow doc pages to format correctly
  • Added note to use bswp-custom.less file for any custom additions to allow for easy updating of styles.
  • Added style fix for top positioning of scrollspy submenu to less/bswp-overrides.less

IMG Folder

  • Updated glyph icons with new set included in Bootstrap 2.04

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